Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goody has Massive PR Grip Day!

I got together with Goody yesterday morning at his brother in law Dave's home in Upstate NY. I had got done with work at 7 AM and had been up since 12 Noon the day before, so I was feeling like a Zombie. I had trouble finding the location and Goody's brother in law got on the phone and guided me in like a seasoned air traffic controller. If you have been following Goody's training log, you know he has been hitting some serious weight in the gym. I could tell he had definitely put on some muscle since I saw him last April.
After the usual pleasantries, we got down to some grip feats. First off I videoed Goody for his MM0 cert for the Gripboard with a #3. 2 Easy smashes was the result.
I had him try my BB Elite cal'd at 166lbs he smashed it no problem. He missed my IM 3.5 by no more than a 1/16. I lent it to him, so be looking for a video close soon.
I brought my York 50lb Blob and he high pulled it right-handed with ease. I set up 3 York 25's and he pulled them as well. Then I broke out 2 tough 45's for him to hublift and again he did it no problem. He then curled the 45's by the hub with either hand. He warped an IM Red Nail in IM pads, we added a set of leather wraps over th IM pads and he smashed the Red easily. He tore a deck of Bicycle Poker cards which are a tough deck. He had never tried juggling a kettlebell, so I brought out a 24KG bell. He soon was flipping and catching it with either hand like he'd been doing it for a while. No doubt if I had brought more stuff he would had done more feats.
I predict that we will be seeing a lot more out of this guy as he gets access to more equipment to try. And I look forward to having a ringside seat to watch it happen!

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Zeek said...

Congratulations, but fuck my life, seriously, your flipping kettle bells!