Monday, April 6, 2009

4 April 2009 - Gripper Work

I had a chance to put the squeeze on a few grippers this weekend with my brother-in-laws Geo and Jon. Geo was able to crush my CoC #2.5 with ease; so, he's obviously been playing around with his grippers lately. Geo's got ape hands - super long fingers and thumb; once he gets his set dialed in, it won't be long before he's crushing a CoC #3.

Jon had never seen, let alone tried to crush, a real gripper. He could easily crush a CoC Trainer but couldn't get it done on my CoC #2. Nothing a little training won't fix. I only had my CoC #2, #2.5, #3, and #4 with me so I couldn't get an accurate measure of Jon's strength - I'm sure he could close a CoC #1. I hope he caught the grip bug.

I've been working toward a CoC #2.5 TNS close. I take my C0C #2 and #2.5 to the office with me just about everyday - I'm happy to say, I've been making steady progress toward this goal! I need to get the camera rolling so I can show everyone it's coming along.

I was able to get several good closes on Eaton's CoC #3 with my RH. I haven't been hitting it too much lately so I can say without a doubt the TNS work is really helping me. I think I closed Eaton's CoC #3 about 3 or 4 times with my RH. I'm still about 3/8" out on my LH. I also got some deep set attempts on my CoC #4. That thing is just stupidly hard, but it's such a great training tool. I do deep set attempts, forced reps, and negatives with it and when I pick up a CoC #3 afterwards it feels like a dish sponge. Good stuff.


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