Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Re-Cap

I took some time off from work last week so my wife and I could head home to see the fam over Easter. I talked to Eaton early in the week to let him know I was coming up - he asked me if I could stop at York Barbell to pick up a few things for him, if it wasn't out of my way. "Hell yeah!" I said...I've been looking for an excuse to stop in there! We got there about 30 minutes before the place opened up, so wifey and I decided to grab a coffee and come back. The place opened up 15 minutes early for us and I end up chatting with the store manager, Mike, for a good 45 minutes. Great dude. Mike hooked me up with almost everything I wanted (no CoC #3.5's in stock) and at great prices. AND he GAVE me half an 80lb hex on the way out! hell of a way to start a trip! That might be light weight for most grip guys; but, when you don't have access to much grip's HUGE! I was like a kid in a candy store!

I picked up a set of blue bands from York for dynamic and assistance gym work. I'm really pumped to add them to my training. I got a few band workouts in while I was in NY, and I got a dino workout in with my brother-in-law Dave. We did all kinds of silly stuff with the following: one 6' 4"X 4", one 10' logging chain, and four 40lb blocks. We hit squats, lunges, yoke walks, yoke lunges, etc.

That wasn't heavy...but, it sure was awkward as hell! It hit my core real hard because of all the swinging. I think this was my 6th lap - I was huffing and puffing! HAHA! Dave got several laps in on this set-up as well. Good stuff! Dave also does yoga and he showed me several great stretches for my hips and groin to improve my mobility. I will be utilizing the stretches FOR SURE. A big thanks to Dave for the help!

Needless to say, I had a stellar time when Eaton rolled into Binghamton on Friday. I'm still sore! My thumb pads are killing me and I had to super glue a big split on the middle finger of my RH! I think I slightly aggravated some connective tissue in my RH, between my index and middle knuckle. I'm positive this is a result of the IM Red Nail bend. It is nothing serious - some active rest and anti-inflamitories will clear it right up. I'll post a pic of the bent IM Red Nail today or tomorrow.

Once I'm rested and recovered from these shenanigans, I'll get cracking on Eaton's CoC #3.5.


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scaleweight said...

I know you'll get my IM 3.5 closed after you rest up a bit. You might give it a shot after a squat workout and see what happens. I've been told by others that grippers feel easy after squats.