Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6 April 2009 - Blob Work

I'm out of town from Wednesday through Sunday. I plan on working out and figured it best to not screw up my week (and not be sore as hell for the 5+ hour car ride) by lifting for two days in DC. I plan to start my lifting week when I get to NY.

I decided to do some blob work last night with Eaton's 42lber and 42.6lber. I can pull either blob with either hand in both regular and reverse grips. I basically worked until I could barely lift these blobs - I did regular lifts, reverse lifts (handle side out), cleans, curls, index/middle finger lifts, etc. I also did several sets of plate curls with a 25lb plate and ripped a few phone books.

My thumbs and wrists are only slightly sore today, so I'm really happy. I'm hitting extensor bands all day for muscular balance and some active rest.

I'm going to try to get together with Eaton sometime between Wednesday and Sunday for a little gripping. His gripper strength is way up so it should be interesting, per usual.


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scaleweight said...

Goody and I will be hitting some grip stuff on Friday.