Wednesday, April 1, 2009

31 March 2009

Shoulder Pre-Hab (L/R)
-Rotator Cuff Work - 5lbs
-Front/Mid/Rear Delt Work - 5lbs

Tricep/Wrist Warm-Up (L/R)
-Overhead Tricep Extensions - 40lbs
-Wrist Flexion/Extension/Adduction/Abduction - 20lbs

Flat Bench Press
-Bar X 20
-135 X 12
-225 X 5
-275 X 3
-315 X 3 (1 assisted)
-225 X 15 (Arched over a foam roller)

1-Arm Dumbbell Floor Presses (L/R)
-80 X 5
-90 X 5
-100 X 5
-110 X 4

Incline Dumbbell Flies
-50 X 18
-50 X 12
-50 X 12

Body-Weight Dips
-3 X Failure

Straight Leg Lifts
-3 X Failure

-3 X Failure

Hyper Bench Side Bends (L/R)
-3 X Failure

Swiss Ball Crunches
- 2 X Failure

I'm trying to get my arch dialed in, I feel like it's different every time I get on the bench. Though, it seems like I have a different spotter every week, so I'm never comfortable. In an effort to really work on my arch, I decided to bench arched over a foam roll. It was hard and really exposed my lack of flexibility in my hips and middle back. I got this idea from the Diesel Crew live workout (March 28th). I think it's going to be a great training aid for me in the future.

I only planned on hitting some pinch, lower-arm, and core work tonight; however, my wife and I need to make an unexpected trip home this Friday. If I'm going to be in the car for 5+ hours on Friday...I'm not going to be in the gym. So I pushed the gym days up to mesh with my schedule. I'm hitting deadlifts tonight.


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Zeek said...

Congratulations on 315 bench!