Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the Rebound!

The septum, sinus, and tonsil surgery sucked. It sucked without question. The recovery has been relatively smooth and, I'm happy to say, I'm feeling much better. The Doc says no heavy lifting for fear of bleeding in my sinus so I've just been doing some light cardio to keep myself sane. It's no secret I hate doing cardio, so this is just the impetus I needed. If I can't do anything else...I'll do the damn cardio. Since the surgery I've lost 12 lbs, and I'm feeling great. I'm breathing better so I'm sleeping better so I'm happier.

Grippers. Yep, I've been hitting the grippers while at the office. Nothing crazy, just squeezing the grippers whenever I think about them. I'm closing my CoC #2.5 easily with my right - it's a bit more of a challenge with the left, but I'm still getting it shut. I haven't picked up a CoC #3 yet, but I'll give one a whirl this weekend and report back. If I had to guess, I'd say I get 30-40 reps with the CoC #2 and CoC #2.5 combined, per day. Nothing crazy - just easing back into it. I'm also hitting the extensors in similar fashion.

Blobs. Eaton's blobs are still in the basement. Every time I take the trash out I open my storage locker and pick them both up, left and right. No problem. Actually, the blobs feel better than they ever have. I think it's a sign. The iron is calling me back. I'm listening.


Friday, August 1, 2008


I had sinus surgery the day before yesterday...I'm hurting. I had my septum straightened, the drain between my middle and frontal cheek sinuses enlarged, and my tonsils removed on Wednesday. Yeah...I'm pretty banged up.

Once I'm recovered enough to train, I'll start posting workouts. Best of luck to all the athletes in the GGC!