Saturday, April 19, 2008

Office Phonebook Extravaganza

Thursday this week, the word got out at work about my gripping habits. Well, the next thing I know we're carrying packages of phonebooks from the mail room back to my office. I ended up tearing 15, 1380 page phonebooks in a row! More and more people started showing up to see the circus act that is me. I ripped one after another after another after another until they were all gone. I was pretty much useless after this nonsense so it's a good thing it was pretty late in the afternoon.

Friday rolls around and there are 3 more office mates, with 3 more 1380 page phonebooks, who missed the action on Thursday. I tore all 3 back to back to back. 18, 1380 page phonebooks in two days. I'm sore and slightly bruised on my left palm from the ridge of the books, but it was totally worth it. The look on their faces was priceless.


Recent Stuff

I visited Jedd around Easter time, last month. It was one of the best grip sessions I've ever had. When you watch the video, you'll wonder why because I missed so many lifts. But, I learned so much and I gained a better appreciation of just how tough some of these grip feats are. When you see people tossing blobs around, it's impressive, no doubt about it. When you try one's down right humbling. Prior to my visit to Jedd's, I'd only had one other encounter with a 50lb. blob. Needless to say, I was served a big slice of humble pie on both occasions.

Here's how it went down: I tried a 110 hex block and failed miserably. I tried a 50lb. York blob and failed miserably...countless times. It popped up about 2" on one attempt, but that's as good as it got for me. I grabbed one of Jedd's CoC #3's and killed it. I'm hoping the footage will be good enough for my MM0 cert. Jedd gave my CoC #4 a ride...damn near killed it. It was only about 3/8" out. I only use that thing for set attempts and heavy negs; I can barely get it past parallel. Jedd had a few good attempts at his 50lb. York blob, R&P. It wanted to come up, but never quite got there. Some more failed attempts on the 50lb. York blob (trying different grips) for me...sweet, I know. A miserable attempt on my hard CoC #3. A decent right hand pull on Jedd's 90lb. hex block with my right and another miss with my left. My final miss of the video was on Jedd's old deep-dish York 45's. Those 45's are the craziest hubs I've ever seen. I would have liked to get that lift.

What we didn't get on video: All Jedd's coaching. We all know Jedd knows his shit, but unless you've ever worked out with him, you probably don't know he's an excellent teacher/motivator. We worked on my gripper setting, pinch setting, form, and technique. I learned some invaluable info that has already taken me farther in grip. We also played around with some thick bar deads. I missed 315, so nothing big to report there. I also pulled Jedd's adjustable Euro pinch with about 160lbs. Definitely could have gone higher, but didn't try (?). I got a few decent pulls with my right hand on one of those crazy deep-dish York 45's. I also got several pulls on Jedd's 55lb. anvil, by the horn. My brother-in-law, Bobby also nailed this lift. I missed the two 50lb. scaleweight pinch, which Jedd did easily. Jedd also pulled a 30lb. shot, which was ubber impressive.

Jedd opened up his home to us so we could act like fools in his basement gym for a few hours. His family is fantastic, I actually wish we had more time to chat with them. To top it all off, there was a hot meal waiting for us when we were done! Great people. I look forward to getting together again...hopefully with more success.