Sunday, June 28, 2009

28 June 2009 - Goody/Rondo Griptogether II

Mike and I got together again today for our second griptogether. This time I hit the trail on up to his place in MD. It was a nice Sunday drive.

I was greeted by Mike and his wife, Melissa - smiles all around. They're great folks and I look forward to hanging out with them again. Not only did Melissa run the camera for most of our morning antics, she got in on the fun; giving my filed HG150 several solid attempts. We started messing around with her set, talked her into using a little chalk, and BANG! Regrettably, we didn't get Melissa's first official gripper close on video. I know...stain on us. Here's a vid of a very near miss with the same gripper:

If that gripper wasn't filed she would have crushed it every time.

Mike had a great day on everything. He caveatted the session with something to the effect of, "Blah, blah, blah. I'm lousy on grippers before noon. Blah, blah, blah." Which, literally translated means: "I'm going to say I suck at grippers before noon so I can blame all my failed attempts on the timing of this event." Luckily for Mike, he didn't need to blame any failures on his circadian rhythm and I didn't need to call him a pussy for doing so. Mike was spot-on. His set is greatly improved from the last time we met and the bigger grippers are falling quick. Mike had three solid, very convincing closes on my hard CoC #3. That gripper escaped Mike's crush last time; but, stood no chance today. Rondo missed closes on his BBE and his CoC #3.5 by 1/4" or so. We're wrapping up the grippers and I tossed him my HG300N and he cranked out 3 solid TNS reps with it. Here's the vid:

My uncle welded up a 1" v-bar for me a few years ago - I don't have any weights so I've never used it for anything other than wrist work. Mike and I worked up to 2o1lbs total on this bar today. Here's the vid of Mike's 201lb 1" v-bar pull:

Yes, it's sideways. Yes, I'm an idiot.

I hit the grippers pretty well today; closing Eaton's CoC #3 and #3.5, Mike's BBE, CoC #3 and #3.5. I was only really concerned with getting solid vids for a LH #3 close and a RH TNS #3 close. I murdered Mike's CoC #3 lefty for this vid:

Unfortunately, I missed the RH TNS close with Mike's CoC #3. I'm pissed I missed this close. I was like a little kid on Christmas; I couldn't help myself and started messing around with the BBE and CoC #3.5 before I realized what I was doing it was too late. The damage was done. HAHA!

No messing around next time! HAHA!

I got few good attempts on my CoC #4; but, they were also after I had been messing around with everything else. I knew they weren't going to be great attempts; but, my set is getting stronger and I'm getting more confident with that gripper. Every millimeter is a success with that gripper. I also came within 1/16" of closing Eaton's CoC #3 lefty at the end of the day.

After the grippers and the v-bar we hit the Eaton's 42.4lb York blob for lift after lift after lift. Mike is really gaining pinch strength! He pulled that sucker almost a foot with his ring and pinky fingers! Great stuff, buddy!

I gave Mike some bench pointers and a piece of a foam roller to help train his arch. Once he gains some hip mobility and general flexibility through his back his bench is going to go way up too.

Speaking of flexibility, or a lack thereof, Mike failed miserably at bending a 60D nail DO. Please allow me to point out the comedy here; Mike fails to bend a 60D nail in the easiest style, listens to 2.7 seconds of coaching, and bends the same nail in the much more difficult reverse style. I also taught Mike to brace bend a horse shoe. I had some light trotter shoes that Geo gave me a few years ago laying around and after showing Mike how to do it, he bent it to 180 degrees easily. I tried to heart one; but, I couldn't get one leg to crush all the way in. I have no idea what these shoes are; but, they're fun. Here's the pic of Mike's first bends:


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