Friday, June 5, 2009

Rest, Recovery and Saturday's Stupidity

I'm taking a few days of much needed R&R. No weights last night or tonight, and not again until Monday. I strained my right shoulder during my bench workout on Wednesday and I need that thing to be feeling better by Saturday. I've got a buddy from MD coming to DC for some grippin' and I want to be fresh for the Gong Show that is a grip-together. I haven't been posting much on the grippers; but, I'm still playing with them. I haven't touched them since Wednesday either as I want to be fresh for Saturday.

Between what I have collected/borrowed and what Mike has on hand, here's what we'll have to mess around with tomorrow:

Mike's Shit
-Odd shaped 23lb piece of marble (irregular shape makes for fun pinch work)
-60kg kettlebell (he challenged me to flip like the Eaton's 50lb KB...sweet)
-8lb sledge

My Shit
-Filed HG150
-CoC #2
-CoC #2.5
-Eaton's "average" CoC #3
-My tough CoC #3
-CoC #3.5 (Eaton's)
-CoC #4
-42lb York Blob (Eaton's)
-42.4lb York Blob (Eaton's)
-Half an 80lb hex dumbbell
-Some big-ass pony clamps
-Home-made 1" v-bar
-A few trotter horse shoes
-Some big phone books
-Old playground equipment in the park across the street from my place

Any other takers? Anybody else want to get in on the fun?

Mike is going to bring his video camera so we can try get this debauchery on tape. I'll post a write-up with any/all vids when my hands heal enough to type.



scaleweight said...

I can't wait to see the carnage!!!

Ricky Keenen said...

haha, whenever i make it to the area we will have video my flips...that can surely add some stupidity to the