Wednesday, June 24, 2009

23 June 2009 - Upper Body

Shoulder Pre-Hab (L/R)
-Rotator Cuff Work - 5lbs
-Front/Mid/Rear Delt Work - 5lbs

Triceps/Wrist Warm-Up (L/R)
-Overhead Triceps Extensions - 45lbs
-Wrist Flexion/Extension/Adduction/Abduction - 20lbs

Neck Stretches
-All Directions

Flat Bench Press
-Bar X 20
-135 X 10
-185 X 5
-225 X 3
-275 X 1
-315 X 1

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
-110's X 5
-110's X 2
-110's X 1

Weighted Hammer Pull-Ups
-BW + 45 X 5
-BW + 45 X 5
-BW + 45 X 5

Plate-Loaded Seated Row (weight per hand)
-135 X 5
-135 X 5
-135 X 5

I was woozy and thought I was going to toss my cookies at this point.

Dumbbell Shrugs
-110's X 10
-110's X 10
-110's X 10

-BW X Failure
-BW X Failure
-BW X Failure

Standing Biceps Curls (easy curl bar)
-120 X 10
-135 X 8
-145 X 6

BW: 240

Nothing like taking two weeks off, and jumping right back into the thick of it. I felt really strong on the bench. 315 felt light; but, I wanted to save myself for later in the workout - that didn't work out so well. I was spent so quick, I barely made it through the workout. I actually planned on doing a little bit more; but, there was no chance. I'm glad I took the time off; but, damn...two weeks felt like two months!

Grippers tonight. MM1 is right around the corner - gotta keep the crush!


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