Friday, June 19, 2009

18 June 2009 - Impromptu TNS Gripper Work

I pulled a very Eatonesque performance last night (except I didn’t close anything?). Cold hands. No chalk. No problem.

I hit about 10-12 TNS attempts with Eaton’s CoC #3 with my RH. None of which were full TNS closes; but, I was closer than ever before. My first attempt felt good, my second attempt felt better, and my third attempt was my best TNS attempt on a CoC #3 to date. I was less than ¼” out! After my third attempt, they started feeling tougher…hand sweat and no chalk really started to show here. I’d say the remainder of my attempts were all greater than a ¼” out. No biggie.

I hit roughly the same amount of TNS attempts with Eaton’s CoC #3 with my LH (10-12). Again, none of these were full TNS closes either…far from it in fact. However, I will say I’ve made progress with my LH in recent weeks. All the TNS work with my CoC #2.5 has really paid off. I’m getting much more comfortable juggling the gripper in my LH for TNS attempts. I’m finally starting to find the TNS groove with my LH and it’s showing. A few weeks ago I could barely TNS my CoC #2 with my LH, now I can TNS close my CoC #2.5. Last night I was able to get the handles of Eaton’s CoC #3 past parallel. Most of my TNS attempts were forced reps after it wouldn’t go any more.

This started as a super light, super simple workout which proved to be very rewarding.


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