Friday, January 16, 2009

15 January 2009

Shoulder Pre-hab (L/R)
-Rotator Cuff Work - 5lbs
-Front/Mid/Rear Delt Work - 5lbs

-BW Good Mornings X 20
-BW Squats X 20
-Bar Stiff Leg Deadlift X 20

Sumo Deadlift
-Bar X 20
-135 X 15
-225 X 10
-315 X 8
-405 X 5
-405 X 5
-405 X 5
-405 X 5
-405 X 5

1-Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row (L/R)
-110 X 8
-110 X 8
-110 X 8

Yep...that's it. This might go down as my worst gym week ever. I'm not sick. I'm not overly tired. My body just wouldn't allow me to do anything else. I had to will myself to pull 5 X 5 with 405 last night. I could barely take the stress of the lift. After pondering this, "I feel like shit 10 minutes into my workout" issue, I can only attribute it to one thing - I'm not eating enough. I need more fuel in the tank throughout the day to get back on track. Work is nuts right now - but, I need to find time to eat more. I'm in a rut - I just have to push myself out.

On a positive note, the deads felt pretty solid. My shins are taking a terrible beating; but, the weight is coming off the floor so I'll deal. A few more weeks of Sumo and it's back to Conventional to see what it's actually doing for me.


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