Friday, October 26, 2007

26 October 2007 - Gym Workout


  • Filed HG150 X 10 TNS
  • CoC#2 X 12 MMS
  • HG300N X 5 MMS/5 FR
  • HG350 X 10 FR
  • CoC#3 X 5 Negs
  • Filed HG150 X 5 TNS


  • Filed HG150 X 10 TNS
  • CoC#2 X 21 MMS
  • HG300N X 14 MMS
  • HG350 X 10 FR
  • CoC#3 X 5 Negs
  • Filed HG150 X 4 TNS

25lb. Plate Curls

  • 3 X 10 L/R

25lb. Plate Wrist Curl Negs

  • 3 X 8 L/R

45lb. Plate Pinch Around the Back Passes

  • 3 X 20

25lb. Plate Single-Finger Holds

  • 2 X Failure (L/R, all fingers)

Olympic Bar Wrist Curls (bar only)

  • 1 X 20 (two hands)
  • 1 X 5 (single handed, L/R)
  • 1 X 6 (single handed, RH)/1 X 5 (single handed, LH)
  • 1 X 6 (single handed, L/R)

Olympic Bar No-Thumb Reverse Wrist Curls (bar only)

  • 3 X 10 (L/R)

2" Pony Clamp

  • 3 X Failure

Swiss Ball Crunches

  • 3 X 25

Swiss Ball Torso Rotations (25lb. plate at arms' length)

  • 3 X 12

Filed HG150

  • 10 TNS - RH
  • 12 TNS - LH

Extensor Bands

  • Easy Band X 60 (L/R)
  • Medium Band X 60 (L/R)
  • Hard Band X 40 (L/R)

NOTES: Despite the cold rain, I felt pretty good in the gym today. I started out with 10 minutes on the elliptical machine to get the blood flowing, and got after it. I decided to test a new method in my gripper workout. I felt the same old, same old was...well, getting old. My hands felt stale. I got my hands warmed up with the Filed HG150, and hit the CoC#2 for max reps. To be totally honest...I never did my #2 for max reps. 21 MMS reps on the RH...NICE. I was pumped! 12 MMS reps on the LH...needs some work. At any rate, my hands feel great. Smoked, but great. I think the added volume was really what my hands were looking for. I'll keep on a similar gripper workout for a little while before I change it up again. The one arm wrist curls on the Olympic bar were amazing! TRY THEM! They hit everything. It took damn near all I had just to keep the bar from flailing all over. I'm going to do these more. I got soaked to the bone walking home from the gym. It's coming down like mad out there. Time for a shower and some din-din.

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