Tuesday, October 23, 2007

22 October 2007 - Grip Active Rest Day

Stress Ball
  • Unknown number of sets with various hand positions for enough reps to almost feel like a workout.

Extensor Bands

  • 3 different bands increasing in difficulty done for maximum amount of reps.

Contrast Baths (hot bath was as hot as my hands could physically stand with Epsom salts, cold bath contained ice and table salt further decreasing the temp.)

  • 5 contrast baths


  • Stretched the hands, fingers, and wrists in all ranges of motion post contrast baths

NOTES: Stress ball movements were lots of fun, squeezing the ball in various positions in the hand (i.e. one finger at a time, pinky and ring fingers only, index and middle fingers only, etc.). The pinky and ring finger squeezes showed a lack of strength and endurance in that part of both my hands. It's no secret higher levels of strength in the pinky and ring fingers aid in closing bigger grippers. Perhaps I should look into getting an IMTUG?

I'm looking for a pet rock.

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