Thursday, October 18, 2007

18 October 2007 - Park Workout


Front Levers

  • 3 X 8 L and R

Rear Levers

  • 3 X 8 L and R

Lateral Wrist Rotations (arm at 90 degrees, starting with the v-bar straight up and down and allowing it to rotate the wrist all the way to max on the outside and returning it to center, likewise rotation to the inside with return to center for 1 rep.)

  • 3 X 8 L and R

6" X 5/16" HRS DO Bend

  • ~45 seconds (WAY off-centered bend, but it went down real easy)

Wrist Orbits (v-bar straight out in front of me, parallel to the ground, with both hands at the end of the handle. orbit the head/torso with the apparatus in the direction of the hand on top. when the v-bar is approaching the starting position the wrist will begin adduction and will be in full adduction when the starting position is reached. once around and through the full range of adduction is 1 rep.)

  • 3 X 8 L and R

Pull-Ups (DO on 2.5" monkey bar main beam)

  • 3 X 8

Body Weight Dips (also done on the monkey bars, standard monkey bar diameter...whatever that is, just over 1" I guess)

  • 1 X 20

  • 1 X 10

  • 1 X 10

6'-4"X4" Single Arm Wrist Curls

  • 3 sets to failure, each arm

6'-4"X4" Double Arm Reverse Wrist Curls

  • 3 sets to failure

NOTES: I live in a small place on Capitol Hill. I don't have a sledge hammer, so I had to improvise. I took my home-made 1" v-bar, dropped a nickle down it and a small collar to hold the plate down so I don't crack my skull and vuala! Now I can lever until my little heart's content...or until I breakdown and buy a sledge. Yes, the bar is only 24" long. Yes, sledge hammers are considerably longer, but the bar weighs about 13lbs + the 5lb plate + the small collar, hell, we're looking at something over 18lbs with a 1" handle. Try it.

I bent the steel because my wrists were feeling strong. I really had no intention of bending today, but I figured one little piece wouldn't hurt. I don't do enough's really fun. Mental, but fun. I also did the pull-ups and dips because I thought it wouldn't hurt. I felt pretty good after my first set of 20 dips...especially at my heft of about 240lbs these days. All-in-all it felt like a great workout but, in hindsight, I was ALL OVER THE PLACE! Such is life.

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