Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25 March 2009

Shoulder Pre-Hab (L/R)
-Rotator Cuff Work - 5lbs
-Front/Mid/Rear Delt Work - 5lbs

Tricep/Wrist Warm-Up (L/R)
-Overhead Tricep Extensions - 40lbs
-Wrist Flexion/Extension/Adduction/Abduction - 20lbs

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
-65's X 12
-110's X 5
-110's X 5
-110's X 5
-110's X 4
-110's X 3

Incline Dumbbell Flies
-50's X 18
-50's X 14
-50's X 14

-3 X Failure (~15, 12, 7)

Plate-Loaded Machine Incline Press (L/R)
-45 X Failure
-35 X Failure/25 X Failure
-35 X Failure/25 X Failure

Straight-Leg Lifts
-3 X 15

Knee Lifts
-3 X Failure

Incline Sit-Ups

I've taking my CoC #2 and #2.5 to work with me everyday for about a week or two in an effort to get back into the swing of grippers. It's been great! I've been hitting them countless times throughout the day. My new gripper goal is to TNS my CoC #2.5. Not a huge accomplishment; but, I've never done it, so it's ON. I'm pretty close - but, I want to be able to do it regularly. Any and every single time I pick it up. I'm not too far off now, so I don't anticipate it taking too long...I hope.


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