Saturday, February 16, 2008

16 February 2008 - Kettlebell Workout

50lb. KB 2-Arm Swings
-2 min. (nonstop)

50lb. KB Clean/Press (alt. arms)
-3 X 10

50lb. KB 1-Arm Snatch (L/R)
-1 X 8

60lb. KB 1-Arm Snatch (L/R)
-1 X 6

70lb. KB 1-Arm Snatch (L/R)
-2 X 5

KB Push-Ups
-3 X 12 (hands on 50lb. KBs, feet on a 1/2 stabilizer ball)

Lever Side Bends (oly bar, no weight)
-3 X 12

Swiss Ball Crunches
-3 X 25

NOTES: Went to my wife's yuppy gym again this morning. I can't really complain, but I still will. They only have KBs in the personal trainers' room. Which is all well and good, until a trainer comes in with a client and you get the boot. Sweet. I didn't get a chance to toss the 80lb. KB around for snatches today...major bummer, that's pretty much the only reason I go to that gym. It's nice to workout with the wifey...don't get me wrong, but come on! On a better note, my wife is getting into KBs, she was swinging and pressing away. I think they're going to make their way into her routine at least two days/week as supplimental lifts.

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john said...

Nice kettlebell workout I better get working on them or you're going to school me next time.