Monday, February 11, 2008

10 February 2008 - Kettlebell Workout

50lb. KB 2-Handed Swings
-3 X 50

50lb. KB 1-Handed Swings (L/R)
-2 X 25 (alternating, switching on the top of the swing)

50lb. KB 1-Arm Snatches (L/R)
-2 X 5

60lb. KB 1-Arm Snatches (L/R)
-1 X 5

70lb. KB 1-Arm Snatches (L/R)
-1 X 5

80lb. KB 1-Arm Snatches (L/R)
-1 X 5

50lb. KB Bottoms-Up Presses
-2 X 10 (R)
-2 X 8 (L)

Push-Ups (Hands on 2 50lb. KBs, feet on a half stability ball)
-3 X 15

NOTES: Now I know why the Ruskies and Polanders are so damn strong. KBs kick your ass! I've only worked with them on occasion, but they're great. I was sucking wind after 30 sec of 50lb. swings, but I pushed through. I went to my wife's's a total yuppy palace, but they have KBs and a short 2" bar. Nothing else worth mentioning. The snatches felt great, and I was happy to get the 80lb. KB for 5 reps. I would have gone higher, but that's the biggest KB they've got.

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