Friday, February 15, 2008

14 February 2008 - Gym Workout

Standing 2-Arm Dumbbell Push-Press
-60's X 5
-70's X 5
-75's X 3

Bent-Over 1-Arm Dumbbell Row (L/R)
-90 X 5
-120 X 5
-140 X 5

70lb. Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press
-3 X 5

Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Downs
-200 X 5
-230 X 5
-250 X 5

Standing 1-Arm Dumbbell Press (L/R)
-65 X 5
-75 X 5
-75 X 5

NOTES: Working toward my goal of 100lb. dumbbell clean and press (one in each hand). It's going to be a long row to hoe. Way to fill my head with stupid thoughts, Eaton. By "stupid thoughts" I really mean, "motivation to do something I've never tried". HAHA! I had to cut the workout short yesterday, because I was running a little late. I only had time for a few crunches, post workout. No time for pinch, I'll try to get some grip work in tonight.

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