Sunday, January 27, 2008

26 January 2008 - Grip Workout

Easy Stress Ball Warm-Up (L/R)
-3 X 50

-Filed HG150 X 15 Explosive TNS
-CoC #2 X 10 MMS
-HG300N X 5 MMS
-CoC #2.5 X 5 OC (~5-8 sec)
-Choked CoC #3 X 3 FR (~1/4" out)
-CoC #4 X 5 Set Attempts (past parallel)
-CoC #3 X 10 FR Negs (~5-8 sec)
-CoC #2.5 X 5 MMS
-CoC #2 X 3 MMS
-Filed HG150 X 10 Explosive TNS
-Filed HG150 X 15 Explosive TNS
-CoC #2 X 10 MMS
-HG300N X 3 MMS
-CoC #2.5 X 3 FR Negs (~5-8 sec)
-Choked CoC #3 X 3 FR (~1/2"out)
-CoC #4 X 5 Set Attempts (to parallel)
-CoC #3 X 8 FR Negs (~5-8 sec)
-CoC #2.5 X 5 FR
-CoC #2 X 2 MMS, 1 FR
-Filed HG150 X 8 Explosive TNS

Filed HG150 R&P Crushes (L/R)
-2 X 8-10

Easy Stress Ball R&P Crushes (L/R)
-1 X 50

Phone Books
-2 X 1400p DC Yellow Pages

NOTES: This was just a quick little gripper workout. I've been trying to switch it up nearly every workout to get maximum gains with the grippers. This time I tried another Brookfield gem, "explosive crushes". He says to hang the gripper from a string, but I didn't have time to mock anything up, so I just held the gripper loosely in my hand like a TNS, and exploded on it. I'll tell you this...they hit the hand hard. I squeezed those reps like I was trying to break the handles off the gripper. It was a great pump, and the movement fatigued me really quickly. The rest is pretty standard stuff...the phone books are fun, and I think they're a good way to end a workout - it's amazing how hard an average sized phone book can be when you're already smoked from the grippers.

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john said...

Great work man!!!
You will be killing that #3 soon!!!