Wednesday, January 16, 2008

29 December 2007 - Eaton Vids/Write-Up

Eaton, Geo (my brother-in-law), and I all met up at Barbells of Binghamton to score some grip toys and play around. Ram, the owner of the store, was kind enough to let us film a few lifts in the store; huge props to him...if you're in the area and need anything fitness, check him out! OK - so that's my selfless promotion for my buddy's store.

First of all, Eaton's a FREAK...he's got forearms and wrists that look like ham hocks! He's great at a lot of things, you all know them so I don't think I need to spell them out here, but he's also a great teacher/motivator! I've just recovered from a wrist injury and haven't trained hard in well over a month, but there I was doing what needed to be done. HAHA! He's good people and I look forward to training with him again!

Eaton just missed my hard #3, and I just missed his easy #3 (~1/4"). That did it for me on the grippers. I bitched on the 20 lb. sledge in the store, it was a monster and I was scared of it - plain and simple. It was the first time I tried to lift 5 dimes, and I got the lift pretty easily.

Geo had never pinched before and was able to pull 5 dimes with the pipe through them like it was nothing. I think Jedd has a contender for the freakiest thumb in the porn industry...I mean, grip community. FYI - Eaton was able to pinch and CLEAN 5 dimes...yeah. Freak.

After we filmed a few lifts in the store we went to the parking lot to see what else Eaton had in his bag of tricks. I was not surprised, but I was thoroughly impressed. Eaton pulls out 3 nice York 25's for a pinch lift. NO CHANCE for me, Geo gave them a pull with no luck, so Eaton pulled 'em up with his left and his problem. Great clean lifts.

Then he pinched 2 25's for a plate wrist curl, which I also could not duplicate. Close, but no cigar.

That's not all this guy had in store of us...he goes back to the truck only to come out with a 70 lb. KB, which he promptly tossed up for a bottoms-up press...many bottoms-up presses. Thankfully, I nailed that lift.

We also curled that bubba by the horns pretty easily. I finally got the stones to try the 20 lb. sledge for a front lever, it came down real nice, but when I goosed it on the way up it went off the left and I couldn't keep it going. Next time. Seriously.

Eaton brought his daughter Kelly along...who also impressed everyone, nearly crushing (~1/8") a CoC #1 on cold hands with NO chalk. Amazing.

John gave us a gripper setting clinic, and was really encouraging. The next time we meet, I'll smash that #3, and that sledge.

Great times, and great thanks for John for coming out to meet with us!

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john said...

Looking forward to having you train with me and Jedd.