Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grip Workout - 7 January 2008

Stress Ball Warm-Up (L/R)
-2 X 50

-Filed HG150 X 15 TNS
-CoC #2 X 5 MMS
-HG300N X 3 OC
-HG350 X 2 MMS, 1 OC
-Choked CoC #3 X 2 max effort attempts (~1/8" out)
-CoC #4 X 2 Negs (from parallel)
-CoC #2 X 5 MMS
-Filed HG150 X 10 TNS
-Filed HG150 X 15 TNS
-CoC #2 X 5 MMS
-HG300N X 1 MMS, 2 FR
-HG350 X 3 FR Negs
-Choked CoC #3 X 2 FR
-CoC #4 X 0 (still can't get a negative with my LH)
-CoC #2 X 3 FR Negs
-Filed HG150 X 10 MMS

Extensors (L/R)
-Easy Band X 50
-Med Band X 50
-Hard Band X 50

Pinky & Ring Finger Stress Ball Crushes (L/R)
-3 X 50

Towel Twister Training
-2 X 2 mins of max effort

Phone Book Tears
-2, 1400 page books

NOTES: This was a great little workout. I was really motivated by my max attempts on my choked #3 in my last workout, so I thought I'd give it a shot again last night. That thing snubbed me again. I'll get it soon, I'm closer now than ever before. But, these max effort workouts are tough on my hands, so I think I'll go back to more of a volume style workout for a bit, prior to testing again on my choked #3. The P&R stress ball crushes are great! The ball is soft enough to get tons of reps, with minimal strain. I think the improved dexterity, strength, and endurance will really help out with the heavier grippers. The "Towel Twister" is one of John Brookfield's Grip Tips and it's so simple and effective. I'm telling you, two, two-minute sets and my hands were screaming! It's a great finisher and it has a limitless number of movements to stress the hands, fingers, and wrists at crazy angles. The phone books were legit tears, not pops. The first book went down so easy I grabbed another, and it fought me all the way. A brutal way to end a workout.

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George said...

Yo bro! I knew you'd like that book. I am looking forward to reaing it when you are done. It really seems like your hand strength is coming back. When we worked out the other day your #3 attempt was the closest I have seen in a long time!

My left hand is still bothering me! My extensors are sore and muscles in my hand used to twist a bottle open or a door knob. Time is the only thing that I can think of that will help my hand get better.

P.S. I used those straps to squat today. WONDERFUL!! I got all excited and wore my legs out today. I couldn't believe how good it felt and I just kept repping out my sets. Bad news bears for tomorrow.