Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grippers, Hand Health, & A New Gripster (?)

I haven't been posting much about my gripper work lately; I assure you, it's not because I'm working. I've been pretty steady on the TNS work (~2-3 days/week) with my CoC #2 and #2.5. My current goal is still to become consistent with a TNS close of my CoC #2.5 with both hands. A few attempts here and there throughout the day. I've also tossed Eaton's CoC #3 into the mix, hitting TNS attempts and wide set closes. Once a week/once every other week I hit max effort closes on Eaton's CoC #3.5. I usually do a few of those, deep set attempts with my CoC #4, and a few over-crushes with my hard CoC #3 to round out a max effort day with the grippers. I'm due for a max effort gripper day today/tomorrow, so watch for the post later tonight or tomorrow. I think I'm going to do more choker work too, so watch for that.

My hands have been doing very well. I'm attributing this to the amount of extensor work I've been doing. I've been hitting the extensor bands almost every day. Varying resistance and micro-loading has really done wonders for my extensors. All of the major splits on my hands have also had time to heal, so I'm excited to see where I can go on the grippers. When my hands get really sore I resort to contrast baths, Epsom salt soaks, and sleeping with Tiger Balm and socks on my hands. Good stuff.

One of my life-long best friends was in DC for a visit on Tuesday. It was great to see him and even better to hear he's doing well. After drinks and dinner and a few more drinks I end up pulling the grippers out for him to try. Let me tell you, he's no mouse of a man - big Darron goes 6'4" ~260lbs+ these days and his hands are a little bigger than mine. I obviously jumped all over him to get into grip. He's got a solid strength base and genetics are clearly on his side here! With a little coaching, a little more motivation, and no chalk he came within a millimeter of closing my CoC #2. In fact, he may have actually closed it before I got a good look. I'll tell you this right now, if he gets into grip, he's going to give some of the top guys a scare. I think he's probably strong enough right now to close a CoC #2.5 if he could get the set down. He was enthusiastic after the grippers, so I took him to the basement to see how he'd do on Eaton's 42lb and 42.6lb blobs. Again, no chalk, cold hands, and he got a few inches of air under one of them (I can't remember which). The look on his face was priceless when he was trying and trying and trying the blobs. Puzzled. Angry. Determined. The, "Why can't I pick this thing up?" question was muttered several times. I really hope Darron gets into grip - he can go farther than most just on his natural strength; but, with a little coaching he can be dangerous.


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