Thursday, November 1, 2007

1 November 2007 - Grip Workout

-Filed HG150 X 10 TNS
-CoC#2 X 15 MMS
-HG300N X 5 MMS
-HG350 X 5 Forced Reps
-CoC#3 X 3 Negatives
-Filed HG150 X 5 TNS
-Filed HG150 X 10 TNS
-CoC#2 X 25 MMS
-HG300N X 12 MMS
-HG350 X 7 Forced Reps
-CoC#3 X 3 Negatives
-Filed HG150 X 4 TNS

One Hand Olympic Bar Wrist Curls
-Bar X 10 L/R
-55 X 4 L
-55 X 6 R
-60 X 0 L
-60 X 2 R
-Bar X 8 L/R

Two Hand Olympic Bar Reverse Wrist Curls (no thumbs)
-Bar X 15
-65 X 9 (I'd be lying if I said the 10th counted)
-75 X 1
-75 X 6 (thumbs)

25lb Plate Curl Negatives
-3 X 10

Power Rack Pin Front Levers (~10" from the end of the pin)
-3 X 5

Power Rack Pin Rear Levers (~6" from the end of the pin)
-3 X 5

100lb Plates Farmer's Walk

100lb Plates Hold for Time
-~20 seconds

Filed HG150
-1 X 5 L
-1 X 4 R

Extensor Bands
-Easy Band X 50 L/R
-Medium Band X 40 L/R
-Hard Band X 40 L/R

Swiss Ball Crunches
-3 X 25

Swiss Ball Rotations (25lb plate)
-2 X 30

Roman Sit-Ups
-2 X 30

NOTES: I felt pretty good today. This is the second grip day trying the extra volume with the grippers and I really like it. I got more reps with my #2 than last week on both hands, so I can't really complain. I have to find a balance with the volume and the max effort. I feel smoked by the time I try to hit my #3, and there's just nothing there. The negatives will help, I'm sure, but it hurts the morale. This is also the second week for the one arm wrist curls with the Olympic bar - let me tell you, they're killer. The power rack pin levers are along the same line as levering a v-bar...just a bit heavier! The 100lb plates farmer's walk was just supposed to be a hold for time, but there was no one around so I thought it'd be fun. I made it about 30' across the gym and had to stop and turn around, after which I only made it another 10' or so. I had to take a breather and start again, 20' and turned and only got 2 steps before they came loose. Then someone set up shop in another squat rack so the movement went back to a hold for time. The shock of my footsteps felt like a jackhammer on my fingers. I need to implement these into my workouts on a semi-regular basis. TONS of fun. I upped the ab work today, and the Romans really hit my hip flexors hard, showing a clear lack of strength and endurance. Muscles vital to a respectable deadlift. These will be regulars in my workouts from now on.

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