Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wrist pain, the dangers of vegemite, and the effect of time-travel on the human body.

Today is my first coherent day back in the US post my trip to Australia. The day before I left I had a great workout, relaxed, and BANG! WRIST PAIN. Bad. The ulnar side of my left wrist hurt excruciatingly. I have no idea why. I had no prior pain or problems. It didn't hurt in my workout...hell, it never hurt before. I was really worried, but didn't want to see the doc the day before my trip down under. I let it go. I planned on taking my grippers to Australia - I just left them home. Maybe it was my body's way of telling me to slow down? Hell if I know (?). I couldn't even flex my wrist to look at my watch. It didn't feel like a nerve. It felt more like bone or connective tissue (?). That said...absolutely no grip or weight training activities were on this trip. Major bummer.

Vegemite is gross. Don't try it. It's a staple at the Aussi breakfast table, but it's nasty. The Aussi's know it too...they give it to you like it's candy and wait for the uncontrollable metaphysical reaction of your face trying to eat itself. Then they'll laugh at you. Seriously.

The plane ride to Australia from the East Coast of the US is B-R-U-T-A-L. 6.5hrs (DC - LA) + 14.5hrs (LA - Sydney) = 21hrs, but that's not all folks - you cross the International Dateline so you lose another 24hrs automatically. You basically get on the plane on Saturday afternoon and get off it on Monday morning. Yeah. Kill yourself. Coming home...well, that's another story. You get on the plane in the afternoon in Sydney and land in LA the morning of the SAME DAY - about 5hrs earlier! Yeah. My internal clock is like, "WTF, DUDE!?!?!?"

I will say this, the Aussi's are a great bunch. All vegemite tricks aside, I'd endure the plane ride again in a heartbeat to enjoy their pleasantries and country.

My wrist is still sore, but nothing like it was. I think the week off did wonders for me. I'll begin training again tomorrow with an early morning gym workout (yet to be determined). It's good to be back, I missed the chalk, sweat, and super glue.

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