Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5/6 October 2009 - Grippers and Stretching

Through out the day I hit countless reps with my CoC #2.5, both LH and RH. TNS reps, wide set reps, MMS reps, dime holds, the whole bit. Tons of reps. Both hands were pretty well toasted. I got home and tried to hit some more gripper work; here's how it went:

Gripper Warm-Up
-Stress ball
-Wrist stretches
-Light Forearm Massage

-Eaton's 170lb. CoC #3.5 X MISS
-CoC #3 X 1
-CoC #3 X 1
-CoC #3 X 1
-Older BBE X 3 BFN

-CoC #3 X 5 BFN
-CoC #3 X 5 BFN
-CoC #3 X 3 BFN

I didn't have a whole lot in the tank when I got home! HAHA! No worries. I'm still weaker than I was a few months ago, but it'll come back. At the very least, I'm playing with the bigger grippers again and I'm really happy about it. I've never closed my CoC #3 with my LH, so that will be huge for me to knock that gripper down with my LH. I hit so much volume over the last day or two the skin on my hands is really sore. I'll be hitting my extensors today with some forearm massage and stretching tonight. I've noticed how much slower my lower arms are recovering. Sweet.

The stretching has been going great. My hips are feeling better, but tonight will be the big test. I'm going hit some light squats, KB work, and more stretching tonight. We'll see how the hip is progressing later.


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