Thursday, August 27, 2009

BIG NEWS: National Qualifier Contest and a Newer, Scarier Eaton!

Big News
First Grip Contest - I'm going to be participating in my first grip contest this weekend! It's a legit qualifier for the US Hand Strength Association National Championship (Global Grip Challenge, hosted by the Diesel Crew). This is The Real Deal Holyfield! Time to play with the serious guys in grip!

If all goes well, and I can complete the desired qualifying lifts, I'll earn a spot to compete in the National Championships.

A big thanks to Jedd for pulling this qualifier contest together in such short order!!!!

Mike and I will be heading up to PA on Saturday morning to represent the Mid-Atlantic Contingent. Wish us luck! I'll post a full write-up and any footage when I get back from the contest.

A Newer, Scarier Eaton - Have you been following the Brothers in Grip blog? If you don't...START. If you are, you'll know already that John Eaton is working out. If you are a grip strength athlete you should be worried. Everybody jokingly calls John's grip training method, "The Couch Potato Method" and he still lands on the podium at contests. If this guy sticks with his weight training, his grip will only improve along with it. Brothers in Grip is a great blog. If you have any interest in grip, you should check it out. If you don't have any interest in grip, you should check it out. John is only one of the three great dudes who post on there!


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