Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 & 5 March 2008 Semi-Workouts

4 March 2008

Easy Stress Ball Warm-Up (L/R)
-50 reps

-Filed HG150 X 5 MMS
-CoC #2 X 5 MMS
-HG300N X 5 MMS
-CoC #2.5 3 MMS
-Choked CoC #3 X 8 FR (~1/4" out)
-CoC #4 X 5 SAs (past parallel)
-CoC #3 X 5 FR/5 Negs (~10-15 sec)
-CoC #2.5 X 5 FRN
-CoC #2 X 8 FRN
-Filed HG150 X 8 MMS/2 FR
-Filed HG150 X 5 MMS
-CoC #2 X 4 MMS/1 FR
-HG300N X 5 FR
-CoC #2.5 X 1 FR
-Choked CoC #3
-CoC #4
-CoC #3
-CoC #2.5
-CoC #2
-Filed HG150

Extensors (L/R)
-Easy Band X 50
-Med Band X 50
-Hard Band X 50

2" Pony Clamp (L/R)
-3 X 10-12

5 March 2008

Non-Specific Warm-Up
-10 Stationary Bike (med intensity)

Speed Deadlifts
-Bar X 20
-135 X 15
-225 X 8
-315 X 5
-315 X 5
-315 X 5
-225 X 10
-135 X 15
-Bar X 20 (sumo)

-Rowing Machine X 15 min (low intensity)

NOTES: I'm finally starting to get into a rhythm in the's getting easier and easier to get up and get going, but my strength and endurance is for shit. I must have aggravated my tendinitis in my left wrist again - the pain was brutal, so I cut the grippers short on the left hand yesterday. It's been sore since. This morning I felt fine, started deadlifting and my body just shut itself off. I was dizzy, I started getting a headache, and I abandoned ship. After the deads I did some very low intensity cardio on the rowing machine. The worst part about today is that the deads felt great. Speed deads with 315 for sets of 5 was very light and I felt strong. I have to power through this slump. I can't stand looking at my log after workouts like these.

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john said...

My right elbow is really giving me trouble so I went to the doctor. I have to get xrays. hopefully it's not anything too serious.